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About Us


FABSLAB, headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, emerged with the objective of creating a new material category suitable for exterior and interior construction: kitchen and bath countertops, furniture, flooring and facades.

The FABSLAB brand was launched as high-end compact surface with revolutionary physical and technical features. FABSLAB uses the best natural raw materials with state-of-the-art technology to create a high-tech slab.

FABSLAB’s product is created through the Italian technology, exposing minerals and other raw materials to extremely high pressure and temperature (over 1200 degrees Celsius/2200 degrees Fahrenheit), resembling the way natural stone forms over thousands of years, in just hours. The process gives the product outstanding physical and mechanical properties in terms of compaction, resistance and durability.

The fabulous designs from our different collection will be a treat to your eyes and will add value to your luxury lifestyle.

FABSLAB is one of the leading brands, providing a high-tech, versatile architectural solution with avant-garde properties.

Ultra-Modern Technology

The strength and success of FABSLAB lies in its sound infrastructure which has advanced manufacturing facilities that comprises of latest machinery and advent-grade technologies.

The ultra-modern plant supported and run by technically sound staff ensures that FABSLAB is indeed matchless when it comes to Ceramic Tilling Solutions.
FABSLAB Ceramics has developed in leaps and bounds by getting in the greater pool of technology, by adopting Italian Technology and Spanish raw materials which has benefitted customers in all arenas since factors like, optimization, calibrations, sizing, designing and colors are taken great care off.

We take pride in saying that QUALITY IS OUR USP. Each & every slab produced is undergoing a thorough quality control process before being packed and shipped to you.

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